Monster ‘Dinosaur’ Snake So Big A Crane Has To Lift It Discovered In Forest

The incredible video of the snake being discovered in a jungle on the Caribbean island of Dominica has been seen 79 million times on TikTok. This is the incredible moment when a huge snake was discovered alive — it was so large that it had to be removed by crane. The video, which has been seen 79 million times on TikTok, shows a digger hoisting the gigantic lizard off the earth.

Its body is trapped in the digger’s claw, but due to its enormous size, it nearly touches the bottom. Before the footage ends, the snake’s head gently slithers back up to the claw. Workers appear to have discovered the hug beast while clearing a section of Dominica’s forests. Another video tweeted by the same account, @fakrulazwa, shows rescuers attempting to get the gigantic monster into a car trunk.

The snake is so large that it requires at least three persons to lift it. And, naturally, viewers were in awe of the creature’s size. One person said it wasn’t a snake at all, but rather “a dinosaur. “That looks like world record s**t,” said another. Although it is unclear whose snake species was seen in the video, the .d.e.adly boa constrictor is native to the Caribbean island. They may grow to be 13ft tall, which appears to be the size of the creature discovered by the employees. It comes after one of the world’s .d.e.adliest snakes was discovered in the United Kingdom after creeping inside a bag from India.

Fortunately, the reptile was too cold after its long voyage to attack when it was discovered near Coryton, Essex. However, wildlife officials stated that the viper was “extremely irritated and hostile.” Meanwhile, a snake .k.i.ll.ed a six-year-old child after it slithered into a family home’s toilet.