Old, rusty, house transforms into a stunningly beautiful home with a minimalist modern look

People are naturally delighted to see beautiful things, especially witnessing how a dull and old thing transforms into good-looking, wonderful stuff. Just like how this old house changed into something unrecognizable from how it originally looks like.

It is nice to live in a clean, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing house. But not all the time, we can afford to do a renovation or an all-over improvement. It will cost so much, and unless we have the savings that we can use, then we can have a home renovation anytime.

Take a look at how this house was transformed into something that really looks outstanding.

On a Facebook post by a netizen Surumpa Jareonsin, the owner of this two-story house decided to have a little make-over of their house and make it a modern minimalist home.

There are the “Before” and the “After” looks of the house.

In the first photos are the facade of the house. The old façade looks so rusty with faded paint. The house looks so dull. Meanwhile, the renovated façade is far different from its previous look. It is white all over, and the fencing became taller. It really looks clean and nice.

The old kitchen looked lifeless, but this new one looks so elegant with an accent of beautiful light, a wooden door, and beautiful L-shape counters with cream colors.

On the staircase heading to the second floor, a significant transformation is also noticeable. It has wooden stairs with a modern look. There were also indoor plants that add life to the living room. The living area also features a stylish brown sofa that looks elegant and relaxing.

The toilet and bathroom look lovely in white tiles and white washbasin and toilet. There is a rectangular mirror with a wooden frame.

You would never think that the old house will look as stunning as it is now. It is very different from its previous image. Nevertheless, the owner must be pleased and proud of how their house transformed.