LOCO & Lee Sung Kyung become wrapped up in dating rumors after posting photos with the same background on SNS

Published on June 30, 2021

Back on June 23, rapper LOCO and actress Lee Sung Kyung became wrapped up in dating rumors, after netizens noticed the two stars uploading photos on SNS showing the same background.

Some time on June 23, Lee Sung Kyung shared a lovely close-up photo via her Instagram dressed in a warm, knitted sweater, posing in front of a vintage garden house. Rapper LOCO also posted a photo of himself smiling brightly against a lush, green field via his Instagram story. Soon afterward, several netizens noticed similarities in the backgrounds between the two photos.

However, according to media outlet reports on June 24, LOCO and Lee Sung Kyung were in fact working together on the same filming set on this day. While the details of LOCO and Lee Sung Kyung’s filming schedule remain unknown, many are now looking forward to a unique collaboration between the hip-hop musician and actress.

What do you think the two stars could be working on?