Lonely Stray Cat Being Bullied After Her Partner Passed Away

Published on May 20, 2021

Everyone needs a loving companion in their life and stray animals are no exception, especially social ones like cats or dogs. With a friend by their side, their life would be way more delightful and meaningful.

Danpoong the stray cat used to have an incredibly faithful friend like that. It was a male named Siwol. Every local around knew they belonged to one another, the cute couple loved to do everything together and they were almost inseparable.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

However, their great time ended when Siwol left this world. The poor boy was bitten by a stray dog, and there was literally nothing little Danpoong could do to make her best friend stay. His departure broke her heart.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

One year had passed and Danpoong was still alone missing Siwol every day. But unfortunately, it was not her only problem. Without her partner aka her protector, she was also bullied by other stray cats in the area. In other words, the luckless kitty was rejected and isolated by her own kind.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

But Danpoon was still a friendly and passionate cat at heart. She became afraid of other cats, so she turned to humans to find comfort in their kindness. As a matter of course, everybody loved her, and she loved them all too.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

Even though Danpoong remained a street cat, the neighbors took turns taking care of this beautiful calico. The 2-year-old gal even gained herself a huge fan club in the building nearby. They spent time feeding her, playing with her and gave her the required medical support whenever she fell ill.

Screenshot, Kritter Klub

So, Danpoong was still homeless, but she got a huge family where she was the center of attention and was spoiled daily. It was the life that this adorable girl deserved, she was simply amazing.

Let’s take a moment to say hi to our lovely Danpoong (don’t forget to hit the CC button for English subtitles):

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