Looking back at Jungkook’s early debut photos, netizens wonder how Bang Si Hyuk decided to have Jungkook debut at such a young age

Published on June 27, 2021

On a recent online community forum, netizens discussed how young BTS’s Jungkook actually was, when he made his debut with the rest of the BTS members. The post read, “How did you come up with the idea of debuting such a cute and small kid? Mr. Bang Si Hyuk, I am so glad that you decided to have Jungkook debut as a part of BTS (I really mean to say that I am so frickin’ grateful).”

In response to this post, some of the netizens’ comments included:

“The hyung (means ‘older brother’ in Korean) line was much older, so they couldn’t wait until Jungkook turned 20.”

“He sings well so he’s the main vocal, he dances well so he’s the center in BTS’s performances, but his face is also good looking. He’s a rare all-round idol.”

“Can a person be this lovable? I started to really like Jungkook…I will love him forever…”

“Wow, Bang Si Hyuk must be super proud ; That young kid grew up and can sing and dance, and became a world star…”

“A cute baby became a full grown man…He grew up so well…I’m not his parent but I feel so proud Lol”

“He even draws really well.”

“He even raps well.”

“Thank you, Bang PD.”


“With a face like that, he is the main vocal and the dance center.”