Man Filmed His Cats’ Love Triangle And It’s Hilariously Dramatic >>

Published on May 23, 2021

If you are in the mood for some weirdly adorable drama that doesn’t come from Korea but is equally impressive, these cuties are here to make your day! Meet D’Artagnan the outdoor cat and his winsome girlfriend, a lovey-dovey couple whose life is much more interesting than many humans in this world.

Instagram, waltersantindy

In fact, their amusing love story was caught on camera and D’Artagnan’s owner has decided to share it with the whole world through a fascinating miniseries called “Cats In Love”, which consists of 4 episodes and a short trailer for the last one. Needless to say, there are pretty much and downs to catch up here!

Instagram, waltersantindy

So, are you ready for some tea yet? Mr. D’Artagnan was living peacefully with 5 other cats in a beautiful garden, until a girl showed up, stole his heart and turned his world upside down. It was a charming bicolor kitty living across the street. The feline duo was so in love with each other that the girl spent most of her time chilling around the garden with D’Artagnan.

Let’s take a peek at the heart-melting scene:

Endearing, aren’t they? Unfortunately, their sweet days didn’t last really long. Everything was purrfect, until the female cat got caught grooming another male in the garden, right before D’Artagnan’s very eyes. She broke his heart and there was nothing much poor D’Artagnan could do about it.

If you want to know how this funny duo handled the awkward situation, just check the second part out:

Yeah, that’s right. These love bugs compromised and got back together! And they looked incredible great side by side in the third part:

Okay, that was lovely, but definitely wasn’t enough to leave us in awe. Here comes the final part where things get ugly but the fun is doubled and maybe you will need tissues to wipe your tears (after laughing too hard):

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