Netizens react to J-Hope’s controversial kimchi pancake

Published on June 19, 2021

On a recent online community forum, a netizen posted a photo of J-Hope’s kimchi pancake, with the title, “BTS J-Hope’s controversy”.

The photo shows a kimchi pancake that J-hope made for his given mission, during an episode of the collaboration variety show, ‘Run BTS!’ X Na PD’s show ‘The Game Caterers’. While J-Hope had been given all the ingredients to complete his mission of making kimchi pancakes, the other members got in the way of his mission. Jungkook, for example, hid the flour away from J-Hope many times. J-Hope still tried his best to complete his mission despite this interference, but the photo of his efforts, nonetheless, has still stirred up a response from netizens.

Some of the netizens’ comments include:
“This is because of Jungkook…”

“Someone give J-Hope some flour…”

“Lolllll isn’t this just a pile of kimchi?”

“I saw the title of the post, and got scared TT ”

“Sigh…J-Hope is so cute…He can be tougher and rougher than one may think Lolll I have been seeing a lot of his tougher moments these days, and it’s so cute! Him kicking Jungkook in the behind is so funny Loll ”

“If J-Hope says this is kimchi pancake, then it is kimchi pancake. Taehyung said whatever J-Hope says is always correct.”

“If you see instances like this, you can tell J-Hope has a really good personality. If it were me, I would have already given up after having my flour stolen once or twice, and feel that I already failed. But here is J-hope, just grilling the kimchi Lolll “