Netizens think the newly setup music studios of BTS’s RM and Suga accentuate the two members’ differences

Published on June 19, 2021

On a recent online community forum, netizens compared the newly setup music studios of BTS’s RM and Suga. Visibly very different in their interior concepts, color schemes, and set up equipment, the music studios revealed just how different the two members are from each other in terms of their musical concentrations, personality, and preferences.

1. Suga’s new music studio setup

2. RM’s new music studio setup

The forum user, who posted these two photos, wrote, “When writing a song, Yoongi said that he prefers to start by making the beat first. Obviously, Yoongi’s studio is best fit for a person who is interested in composing and producing music. On the other hand, Namjoon is really interested in lyric-writing and music composition. Lolll A person who is extremely sensitive to sound and quickly catches the latest trends, verses a person who is very emotional and literary. And while Yoongi has an extremely modern interior that gives off the feeling that he really likes machines and is an early adopter, Namjoon is a bit more old-fashioned with his use of wood. Also, Namjoon’s hobby of collecting artworks and miniature characters is clearly revealed. Haha.”

In response to this comparison, some of the netizens’ comments included:

“A touching, small point of Namjoon’s studio…no matter how many times he moves his studio, he is always with the BTS family photo TT So beautiful.”

“This makes me suddenly really curious how Hobi’s music studio looks like Lollll ”

“The music studios are so pretty…They decorated it really well.”

“RM is unexpectedly really cute and articulate.”

“Just by seeing the type of equipment I can see what kind of work is done…Both of them are so cool.”

“I want to try visiting there. Both have their own individuality.”

“Even though they are really different from each other, they know how to embrace each other so good results always come out!”