Never Give Up On A Dream Just Because Of The Time It Will Take To Accomplish It.

Published on June 4, 2021

This quote was said by  Earl Nightingale to encourage and to perusing your dream. Nothing is permanent, bad time will pass away and definitely good time will come. Success is a long journey and it can’t be achieved at overnight. Don’t loose hope for the lost time, instead use your present time effectively. Don’t deny yourself for good opportunity, plan it out, break down it step by step. If you give yourself the chance to try, you will find the all possible to accomplish your goals.

Most people are trying to give negative feedback because of much time taking to finish task but it happens because of lack of patience. People are aiming on unrealistic goals, this will not keep the spirit last long. If your goal is for real purpose of life, you will never quit for small reason of time.

It is easy to set goals  but without real purpose it’s much harder to take seriously and try hard to make them happen. May be you are experiencing the set back that is failures but when take it in positive way it will become learning curve to bounce back anytime. Remember, you have a unbelievable power to achieving anything with learning of new skills along with the time.

Success is step by step process so it takes long time depending upon the situations and amount of efforts you put on work. Anyhow time will pass away even you do or don’t, so why can’t you take a baby step towards your goal?? If you are progressing daily basis time is not big matter for you. The journey itself brings you joy and treasured memories.