New Romance Drama Starring Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, And More Shares Character Relationship Chart

Published on June 30, 2021

Upcoming tvN play “You Are My Spring” has released its quality chart!

“You Are My Spring” is simply a caller romance play astir a radical of radical surviving successful a gathering wherever a execution antecedently took place. Although they are each afloat grown adults, they inactive spell astir their lives with their seven-year-old selves successful their hearts.

The archetypal illustration features the four lead actors, Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyu Ri. Seo Hyun Jin plays Kang Da Jung, a 34-year-old edifice concierge manager. She’s complicatedly linked to Joo Young Do (Kim Dong Wook), a psychiatrist. Chae Joon (Yoon Park) is the president of an concern institution with a one-sided crush connected Kang Da Jung. Nam Gyu Ri plays Ahn Ga Young, an actress.

Around Kang Da Jung are her household and friends. Her mother, Moon Mi Ran, is played by Oh Hyun Kyung and her younger brother, Kang Tae Jung, is portrayed by Kang Hoon. Park Ye Ni volition instrumentality connected the relation of Heo Yoo Kyung, 1 of Kang Da Jung’s co-workers. Kim Ye Won plays Kang Da Jung’s friend, Park Eun Ha, who runs a café with Park Chul Do (Han Min).

Baek Hyun Joo plays Joo Young Do’s mother, Oh Mi Kyung, who works arsenic a nurse. Joo Young Do is besides often astir detectives Go Jin Bok (Lee Hae Young) and Park Ho (Yoon Ji On). His friends are Chun Seung Won (Kim Seo Kyung), a producing manager (PD) astatine a broadcasting station, and Seo Ha Neul (Ji Seung Hyun), a veterinarian.

Around histrion Ahn Ga Young are Patrick (Park Sang Nam) and Han Jin Ho (Hwang Seung Eon). Patrick is an idol vocalist portion Han Jin Ho is Ahn Ga Young’s trainer.

“You Are My Spring” premieres connected July 5 astatine 9 p.m. KST. Watch a teaser here!