Newborn Kittens Covered In Fleas And Fly Eggs Got Rescued And Reunited With Mama

Published on May 20, 2021

All of the mothers in this world love their kids unconditionally, but it doesn’t mean they always know how to handle the kids, especially if it’s their very first time being a mom and there is no one around to tell them what to do. That dilemma occurs pretty frequently in the animal kingdom, too.

A group of volunteers was out on the streets doing their TNR project when they stumble upon these newborn kittens. One of them already crossed the Rainbow Bridge, while the rest of the litter was in really bad shapes. They were all covered in fleas and fly eggs, and the cat mom was nowhere to be seen.

Screenshot, Kitten Lady

So right after hearing about these pitiful babies, Hannah Shaw – a professional kitten rescuer immediately rushed to the spot. She brought them home and took good care of them.

Screenshot, Kitten Lady

Here is the whole rescue:

The next day, Shaw heard some good news. One of the cats trapped during that project was lactating and they all agree that this cat was very likely to be the mother of the litter. So, Shaw quickly took the cat home in hope that these tiny babies would be able to get all the love and care from their biological mom that they desperately needed.

Screenshot, Kitten Lady

The cat mom was a feral one so it’s no surprise that she was not friendly at all and she looked pretty stressed in a human’s house, not to mention the smell of the kittens had been slightly changed too. On the first day, the grumpy mom didn’t recognize nor accept the kids, and Shaw still had to bottle-feed these babies herself.

Screenshot, Kitten Lady

But then the next day, things were changed a little. A quick check had revealed that the weights of some kittens had increased slightly, which meant they already got some milk from mama. That was a great sign!

Screenshot, Kitten Lady

And finally, after several days, no more bottles needed! The mommy was there to solve all the problems, all of her babies had been growing purfectly well under her care.

Watch the touching reunion here:

In case you wanna know, once these adorable kittens became independent enough, Shaw planned to find them all a forever home as soon as possible because unlike their mommy, the tiny babies already got used to indoor life and were socialized.

And as for the mama, she was spayed and would be returned to her old environment, where she felt way more comfortable living in.

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