People Are Sharing Their Student Loans And Causing Stress Amongst One Another


Higher education is expensive — especially in America, it costs a LOT of money. So, why is college so pricey? There are several reasons — growing demand, rising financial aid, lower state funding, the exploding cost of administrators, bloated student amenities packages – just to name a few. It, more often than not, is out of control, putting many people in debt.

Like this guy, American Wii-Yum shared a screenshot of his student loan amounting to $82,649.35 on Twitter. He added, “I don’t stress because it ain’t ever getting paid off.” The thread was immediately bombarded by many people who share the same situation, with about 5k Retweets and 9k Quote Tweets. We’ve collected some of the most impressive replies. Scroll down to check them out. Also, if you also have such a high amount of debt, don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.

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#1. The best way to start

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#2. That sucks

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#3. That’s insane and sad, wow

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#4. You got this

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#5. The system is bad

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#6. The student debt crisis

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#7. Poor you

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#8. The school should not force people into crushing debt that they can never get out of

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#9. That’s so sad

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#10. ‘You are not alone’

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#11. The nerve of the “Make A Payment” st the top

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#12. Omg 😭

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#13. LOL

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#14. How do you see this amount of money and don’t get a heart attack?

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#15. Good luck

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#16. Just the interest

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#17. The worst

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#18. This is the real life

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