People Have No Idea What These Objects Are, Redditors Help Them With The “What”


Where will you go to find the information about the object that you have no idea what it is? In the past, we can ask experts or find the information in books. However, not everyone knows everything because knowledge is infinite. Eventually, looking up the “what” in millions of books seems to be time-consuming. On the other hand, we nowadays can easily find the right answers to our questions thanks to the invention of the Internet. And there is one place where you can receive the ‘what’ faster.

The r/whatisthisthing subreddit is an ideal place for you to search for what an object actually is. About 2.0M members there will help you with the ‘what.’ We have collected some of the weirdest items that need figuring out. And the Redditors have helped them go from unknown to finally having their name. Are you curious to see what they are? Scroll down to check them out. And tell me which ones of these you recognize in under 5 seconds.

#1. It has a suction cup with it that appears to be a stand for it. One is open and one is closed as in the photo


Answer: “It’s a grip for changing light bulbs that are out of reach.”

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#2. Bought a new shirt. This small packet was attached with the tags. What are these for?


Answer: “Collar stiffeners. You can insert them in your collar to keep it stiff.”

#3. Metal spring with plastic ends, 20cm long, no writings or markings


Answer: “It’s a hair remover used for little hairs on one’s face.”

#4. What is this foldy metal thing attached to the side of my back porch?


Answer: “It’s a can crusher.”

#5. What is this thing?


Answer: “They’re tongs for lifting hot jars, so you don’t burn your fingers.”

#6. Can you figure out what is this thing?


Answer: “It’s a tool to take the top off of a boiled egg.”

#7. Found this under my passenger seat. It has magnets on the back. Is this a GPS tracker someone put in my car??


Answer: “It is a GPS tracker, but not a very discrete one.”

#8. Brass, 4” (long side) 3″ (short side), has a hinge that opens at a 90° angle. The inside of the smaller side has ribs along the inside


Answer “It’s an old bubble-blowing wand, pre-1800s.”

#9. What is this thing?


Answer “It looks like a rotating tie holder that gets mounted to a wall.” Here’s an almost identical one.

#10. What is this thing?


Answer: “It’s a pair of authentic antique Victorian candle snuffer wick trimming scissors.”

#11. Found this while cleaning out the attic. It’s wood, looks handmade, measures 20cm, but I have no idea what it is or does!


Answer: “I believe it’s a Yacouba Double Spoon — a symbol of hospitality in traditional African art. It represents 2 very distinct universes that are opposite.”

#12. Does anyone know what this could be?


Answer: “It’s the opening to a Victorian-style purse.”

#13. Silicon cup thing? My parents were randomly mailed this from an unknown address. Material is malleable.


Wrong answer: “Reminds me of a menstrual cup. It isn’t.”

Correct answer: “It’s an anticellulite device.”

#14. Carved wood with wooden rings around it. The rings don’t come off. Found it in a park


Answer: “It’s a Mexican hot-chocolate stirrer/whisk. Known as a molinillo.”

#15. Anybody know what this thing is?