People Share Their Meals Received At Hospitals And They Are Just Bad


Healthy food is one of the most important things to us. We tend to choose what’s good to eat every day. But in some cases, we have no choice. When we, unfortunately, have to stay at the hospital, for example. It’s the time that we need to be provided good conditions and nutritious food to recover quicker. However, as you may know, hospital meals are terrible in numerous hospitals all over the world. There are some reasons for that, and we are not supposed to know.

In this post, we have rounded up some photos of hospital food people shared on the internet. Sadly, most of them are just so bad that can’t even be accepted by any of us, not to mention that they are served to patients. We do not demand meals like ones in five-star restaurants, but at the very least, they should be a proper meal. Besides the medical treatment, the patients deserve better services, including food.

#1. “Can You Identify My Austrian Hospital Food?”

Image source: malta3

#2. “Hospital Cafeteria, Bon Appetit”

Image source: hausofpurple

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#3. “The Toasts One Of My Patients Got At The Hospital For Breakfast”

Image source: alternageek2

#4. “Since We’re Posting Our Hospital Meals”

Image source: Buddahfinger666

#5. “Hospital Lunch In Romania”

Image source: Andrei144

#6. “Chicken Teriyaki Given To Us For Nurses Week By My Hospital”

Image source: Ididntknowthathaha

#7. “Hospital Food In Italy”

Image source: RonaldTheGiraffe

#8. “Hospital Breakfast”

Image source: anuncommontruth

#9. “Hospital Dinner In Germany At 16:30”

Image source: DieMitDenRotenHaaren

#10. “A Hospitals Take On Vegetarian Cuisine. Germany”

Image source: FurFlux

#11. “Celebratory Steak Dinner Offered By Hospital For Proud Mother And Father”

Image source: Johnmcguirk

#12. “Vegetarian Meal Sent Up For My Friends Hospital Meal”

Image source: Yauchness

#13. “Groats With Vomit, From My Stay At A Polish Hospital”

Image source: MamWidelec

#14. “This French Hospital Food Is Getting Worse – Potatoes And What I Think Was A Boiled Cabbage”

Image source: WhyArrest

#15. “Hospital Food Yummy”

#16. “Third Week Of Living On Vegan Hospital Food And I’ve Lost 10 Kg. I Have No Idea What This Is”

Image source: grimsexton

#17. “Lasagna” According To Adventist Hospital

Image source: OpheliaMorningwood

#18. “Dinner In Irish Maternity Hospital”

Image source: pockets3d

#19. “This Veggie Burger Was Served To Me In The Hospital. 10/10 For Presentation”

Image source: tveir

#20. “What You Get For Breakfast In A Hungarian Hospital”

Image source: abraabraka