Poor Kitten Beats The Odds To Survive After Being Attacked By An Animal>>

Published on May 25, 2021

How’s Paws is the name of a group of volunteers who are trying to do their best to protect and save innocent souls. They now have 21 dogs and 84 street cats (different ages). Some of them are hit by cars and suffering from paralysis, some are blind, and some have diseases more complicated.

Screenshot: How’s Paws

Recently, How’s Paws saw a post ask to save a kitten that was attacked by an animal. The girl who found the kitten didn’t know how to do with him, so she asked for help by leaving a comment on the post. She commented with a heartbreaking video about the kitten’s situation. After seeing the video, some volunteers rushed to the scene to take the kitten.

Screenshot: How’s Paws

The poor baby was in a bad condition and had small chance to survive. But thankfully, there were signs of live in him. The rescuers tried to feed him but he was too weak to swallow. They immediately took him to a vet clinic, where he received medical treatment and proper care for his wounds and his health problem.

Screenshot: How’s Paws

After checking, the results showed that he had been bitten in his face and neck. The teeth of the animal who attacked him penetrated the spine and the spinal cord. It also penetrated a major artery below the right eyes. Because of the wounds’ infection, his body temperature was always high, and his life was in danger.

The kitten was taken to home after visiting the vet. The rescuers periodically cleaned his wounds with saline solution to take out pus and contaminated blood from the wounds. They also put eye drops for his infected eye and put a mix of ointment to treat wounds.

Screenshot: How’s Paws

After all efforts, his temperature body had fallen to normal range and he was better. He woke up and could swallow. It will take time to recover, but everyone is happy to know that he is doing well. He overcame all odds to live, so we are sure that his will and efforts will be paid.

Watch the full rescue here:

The kitten is now in good hands. We hope that he’s doing fine after all the procedure. God bless you for saving and helping this kitten!