Rockstar Taehyung takes over social media, leaving fans in shambles

Published on June 29, 2021

ARMYS all around the world are currently in hyperventilation mode. The cause being none other than BTS V. Today, Bighit music shared BUTTER Concept pictures version 1, and a smoldering V gave off 90s punk rock vibes causing the resulting uproar in fandom.

While the rockstar-ish concept and V‘s natural charisma made him trend worldwide and on Twitter and twipple as fans were busy tweeting their reaction on Rockstar Taehyung, he made another record on Instagram as his concept picture reached 1 Million likes in 24 mins, 2 Million likes in 1h 13mn and 3 million likes in 2hr 46 mins making it the fastest solo picture by a Korean male idol to hold these records.

The social media darling also is the fastest to reach 100,000 likes on Facebook among the pictures posted today as well.

Along with his trademark brood, the Face Genius added a skirt to his attire, again bending the stereotypes made fans appreciate the style.

The way V keeps on upping the ante with every concept reveal, it seems like no one will ever be ready for his final forms whenever and if he reaches.