Scared Kitten Lost Her Mom Gets Rescued During The Quarantine

Published on May 26, 2021

On March 17, 2020, a family heard a kitten crying near their house. However, they didn’t know where it was coming from. They tried to look for the little baby and spotted her hiding in the corner of the house. She was very scared and terrified. When they tried to approach her, she backed farther away. It was night, so the family knew that they had to act quickly to save the kitten.

Screenshot: Coffee’s Rescues

They used a carrier with a plate of tuna inside to trap the kitten, but she didn’t get in. They thought that they lost her, but thankfully she was there. She still refused to move into the carrier, so they left her alone and hid. Finally, she got in, and they successfully caught her. They took her inside their home to check her heath and take care of her.

Screenshot: Coffee’s Rescues

The next day, she was still scared. She was dirty and sticky, so a member of the family wiped her with wet tissues from time to time. The woman also noticed that her whiskers were cut. She was happy that the kitten liked to be wiped. She was not afraid of people anymore. She let the woman touch her and help her remove dirty.

Screenshot: Coffee’s Rescues

The day after that, the woman got her trust. She was finally able to bath the kitten, and the baby loved it so much. She also made biscuits. The woman prepared a little room with a warm bed for the kitten. She had a cat named Coffee who has a lot of fluffy toys, so she gave the kitten one of Coffee’s teddy bears. The little kitten was happy to have a new place to sleep and a toy to play with.

Screenshot: Coffee’s Rescues

The family named her Tine as she is a quarantine rescue. Tine is now bigger and stronger. She also has a new mom, Casper. She has a lot of friends. She has been dewormed, spayed, and fully vaccinated. She is now happy and no longer a stray kitten who had to live on the streets and had to fend for herself.

Screenshot: Coffee’s Rescues

Watch the full rescue here:

Watch her first rescue-versary here:

There should be more good people like you. You gave her good care and loving home, you did great and I’m sure she will give you joy and all her love.

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