Scared Kitten Who Cried For Help Under A Car Got Rescued And Found A Loving Home

Published on May 27, 2021

When a kitten shows up in a city full of stray cats, it’s no surprise that he could hardly concern many people, even if he is desperately crying for help. It’s quite sad, but understandable. However, there are still a few people who truly care about these pitiful critters. Even though they are just in the minority, they still make this world a much better world for us all to live in.

This tabby kitten was meowing hopelessly under a car when Stoyan and Dessy stumbled upon him in an underground parking garage. The baby was so small he even fitted such a tiny hole (he was only about 40 – 50 days old back then according to the couple), and his cry broke their heart.

Screenshot, PawMeow

The cat was definitely terrified and starving. He wretchedly needed help, but he was too afraid of humans to go out at the same time. It’s not until the couple used some food and fake meows to lure him that they could capture the little kitty. They named him Puhcho and brought him home with them.

Dessy had to calm him down all the way home, but Puhcho still seemed to be a bit nervous and uncomfortable. He was still in terror.

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Luckily, a quick visit to the vet the next morning revealed that Puhcho was just fine. In fact, except for some dirt and fleas, the baby boy was perfectly healthy.

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It took Puhcho several days to adapt to the new VIP life inside a house. And once the cute boy had opened his heart, he turned out to be a sweet cat who truly loved his foster parents and got along well with other rescue cats in his family.

He was also a lively boy who liked playing around all the time too!

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Puhcho was not as lucky as some other cats rescued by Stoyan and Dessy who were adopted real quick, but after a few months, the Bulgarian couple managed to find him a perfect forever home at last.

The adorable boy had to cross 120 miles to reach his new home, but it was all worth it. He finally got the life that he always deserved.

Screenshot, PawMeow

Watch the whole rescue here:

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