Sheep Makes Smugly Cat Pay For Provoking The Wrong Guy

Published on May 27, 2021

Cats belong to the same family as tigers, so it is no surprise that many cat breeds are extremely proud, independent and aggressive somehow. Sheep, on contrary, are mostly known as meek and timid animals who tend to lack essential self-defense skills in front of predators. People often like sheep because they are gentle, sweet and obedient. However, some sheep are just not born to be like the rest.

It starts as a nice day for this black cat as his owner takes him out for a tour in the sheep barn of the family. As an obviously spoiled cat, he stands on the edge of the sheep’s pen, looking down on these woolly creatures like a real king, walking around nonchalantly, sometimes slapping one or two guys if he’s in the mood.

Screenshot, Rune Venes

As his parade goes on, the cat stumbles upon a worthy opponent who is staring at him and sniffing him curiously. The arrogant kitty immediately chooses to pick up a fight with this sheep, and he starts off quite fiercely and scarily.

Screenshot, Rune Venes

However, after being smacked continuously several times, the sheep simply can’t take it anymore – cause you know, even a worm will turn. He suddenly rises up and ends the battle nicely with a swift, smooth headbutt. Knock-out.

Screenshot, Rune Venes

The cat is shocked of course, he clearly did not see it coming. The poor boy rapidly runs away and disappears in the blink of an eye after being hit. And relax, his owner has claimed that none of them is hurt.

Let’s take a look at the hilarious conflict:

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