Shelter Worker Adopts Tiny Kitten Who Wouldn’t Stop Meowing At Him>>

Published on May 24, 2021

When Sugar and his siblings arrived at the Exploits Valley SPCA, he was so sick. He had a respiratory virus that required treatment immediately, so he had to stay at the shelter a bit longer than his siblings. He needed to be cared and treated until he was healthy enough to find a forever home.

While Sugar was recovering, he bonded with all of the staff and volunteers at the shelter. He loved showing his sweet and cute personality.

“He was extremely friendly and vocal from the beginning,” Sarah MacLeod of the Exploits Valley SPCA told The Dodo.

One of the shelter workers who Sugar saw a lot was Glen. Glen has been working at the shelter for 30 years and absolutely loves his wonderful work. He was often assigned to clean Sugar’s room, and every time Sugar saw Glen, he was so excited.

Every time Sugar met Glen, he would meow constantly until Glen finally gave him some attention and love. “Sugar would yell at Glen to stop doing work and pay attention to him,” MacLeod said.

At first, Glen hadn’t had any plans to adopt a kitten, but after a while, he knew that Sugar wasn’t going to be happy unless he was always by his side. For this reason, he decided to adopt the kitten.

“Glen wasn’t looking to adopt, he has a cat already, but loved Sugar too much to let him be adopted,” MacLeod said.

Over 30 years, Glen has met and fallen in love with many cats, but there is something special about Sugar that he can’t resist. Glen officially adopted Sugar into his family, and Sugar couldn’t have been happier about it.

Sugar is now all settled into his new loving home. Every time Glen sees Sugar, he knows he made the right decision. “Sugar is doing wonderful in his home, Glen has even brought him by to visit us,” MacLeod said.

The bond between Glen and Sugar was clearly special. We are so thrilled that they found each other, and never have to be apart again.

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