The canine who vanished never stopped praising the man who saved her.


Cinnamon is one of those dogs that has the ability to prove that any prediction can be wrong when you have the desire and belief to live, wriets fancy4work

This little girl was saved in Switzerland. When they found her, the dog was going through a terrible time: she lost one front leg and the ankle of the other leg was injured, so she couldn’t walk normally.

Canela has really struggled to overcome the limitations of her injury.

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As if that wasn’t enough, the dog had been diagnosed with Leishmaniasis by veterinarians , so the idea of ​​helping him cross the rainbow hadn’t been ruled out by specialists.

However, her savior knows that she is not willing to give up and wants to give her the chance to live as long as she gets.

So she reached out to the Lets Adopt group in Spain to find out if they were willing to give Canela the opportunities life had denied her.

They immediately accepted the challenge and the dog was transferred to another country.

However, when it came to new carers, Canela fell into a state of complete breakdown.

Although the operation on her ankle had been a complete success, the dog had problems recovering and they understood that it was necessary to request the presence of the young man who had saved her life.

A visit from her good friend during her recovery helped cheer her up

Meeting him again was the best thing that could happen to Canela. The emotion of seeing the young man again was such that the dog completely forgot about her depression.

The boy was accompanying her for a few days, until she was out of danger and managed to recover.

Contrary to what specialists in Switzerland believed, Canela managed to fully recover.

She is a dog with a great quality of life, once her mobility has been restored she feels incredibly happy and secure.

But that’s not all! Canela is happy to see the hero who saved her life at least a few times a year.

The young man traveled from Switzerland specifically to spend a few days with her, which is Spain and their friendship is second to none.

At least twice a year this couple see each other again

Fortunately, this young man did not lose faith in the will of this brave little dog for a minute! Together today they tell a story of struggle, loyalty and love worth sharing with others, don’t you think?