“The Devil Judge” Co-Stars Ji Sung And Kim Min Jung Share What It’s Like To Work Together Again After 13 Years

Published on June 30, 2021

Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung talked astir their chemistry successful upcoming tvN play “The Devil Judge”!

“The Devil Judge” takes spot successful an alternate-universe dystopian Korea wherever the full federation participates successful a unrecorded broadcast courtroom show. Ji Sung stars arsenic the titular “devil judge,” Kang Yo Han, and Kim Min Jung plays Jung Sun Ah, his nemesis and the enforcement manager of the societal work foundation. Is Kang Yo Han a leader of the radical successful chaotic times oregon is helium a devil who wears the disguise of the law?

One of the reasons fans are looking guardant to this play is due to the fact that of Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung’s teamwork. The 2 are reuniting for the archetypal clip successful 13 years since they starred successful the 2007-2008 MBC play “New Heart” together. Ji Sung and Kim Min Jung took the clip to straight stock their thoughts astir their chemistry and teamwork.

First off, Ji Sung commented, “I archetypal worked with histrion Kim Min Jung successful the play ‘New Heart.’ I was truthful blessed filming it that I inactive retrieve it arsenic a precious enactment to this day. I’m truthful thrilled to reunite with my colleague whom I starred successful that play with that it’s not capable to conscionable accidental ‘it’s bully to spot you again.’”

Kim Min Jung shared, “It’s been 13 years since we’ve worked together, but amazingly enough, some of america didn’t consciousness similar it’s been that long. Since this is our 2nd play together, we acquisition a synergy effect erstwhile we act together.”

Ji Sung then said, “My teamwork with Kim Min Jung is truthful large that it doesn’t request a agelong explanation. I was capable to enactment portion trusting and relying connected her arsenic a partner, and acknowledgment to that, I could movie with ease. Personally, I hope our chemistry tin springiness ‘The Devil Judge’ a bully synergy.” Kim Min Jung added, “I’m truly grateful to Ji Sung.”

“The Devil Judge” premieres connected July 3 astatine 9 p.m. KST and volition beryllium disposable connected Viki.