The Most Ridiculous Ways Of Serving Food In Restaurants


How to get good feedback from customers seems to be always a big question for restaurants. Instead of serving food in a normal way (but still ensure the quality), some of them try to create whatever possibly make their meals look more attractive in hopes of impressing the guests. It can be said that those restaurants are successful since many guests actually have a “deep impression” of the food they’ve served. And it’s just because the dishes appear so exaggerated or stupidly ridiculous.

People on social media sites are sharing numerous hilarious ways of serving food that they experienced in restaurants. Scroll through the list below and you will be amazed at what they manage to do. Some of these are just silly that you can’t even imagine, and some are so funny. Enjoy!

#1. “Gravy In A Urinal”

Image source: TheBrontosaurus

#2. “Venison Cubes On A Deer Antler (Was Actually Incredible)”

Image source: dayda

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#3. “Yes, I Would Like Your “Mini Corn Dogs On A Ceramic Decorative Pillow” Please”

Image source: GimmeSomeLoven

#4. “Why”

Image source: piper2112

#5. “Please Take A Charcuterie And Have A Seat”

Image source: valicat

#6. “This Is A Take Out Dish – Diners Were Instructed To Plate Like This At Home. Part Of A $115 Tasting Menu”

Image source: TheDefaultUser

#7. “This? Oh, It’s Just An Orthodontic Mould Of The Restaurant-Owner’s Mouth From Barcelona”

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#8. “Espresso… To Go”

Image source: Vitou-Galeno-131

#9. “Repeat After Me, Hub Caps Are Not Plates”

Image source: RainCityK9

#10. “Japan…”

Image source: MakeMeTea

#11. “Waiter, I Prefer My Pie To Be At Least 9 Inches Off The Table”

Image source: Froyo3652

#12.“Our Environmentally Friendly Tempura Is Made With Sustainable Seafood And Vegetables, Harvested In Ways That Consider The Long-Term Well-Being Of Our Precious Land And Oceans.” “Wonderful! How’s It Served?” “On A Large Polystyrene Block.”

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#13. “Cocktail Bathtub Complete With Rubber Ducky”

Image source: edgarhl091

#14. “Caesar Salad Or Charlie Brown Christmas Tree?”

Image source: nonsonosvizzero

#15. “Here’s Your Beef Wellington Starter. Is There Anything Else I Can Get You?” “Tetanus Shot, Please.”

Image source: wewantplatesofficial

#16. “The Chips Come In A Rock”

Image source: clarkkent34

#17. “Turns Out The Best Plates Are At Arm’s Reach”

Image source: pophya

#18. “My Cocktail Came In A Box”

Image source: Sanchezq