These Female Idols Proved Their Beauty Even When Wearing Masks

Published on June 2, 2021

As the pandemic rages on, more masks become essential in daily life. While many have wondered how they can look good while wearing masks that cover half their faces, these idols prove that their visuals shine even with it!

PopDaily, the popular Taiwanese media outlet, recently selected idols from three popular girl groups who rocked masks on their social media accounts. Keep on reading to see who they chose!

1. BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Jisoo(Photo : Jisoo Instagram)

Jisoo shared photos of her wearing a cute and simple black and blue long-sleeved top and baggy jeans to her Instagram. Of course, she is wearing a white mask that has become essential nowadays. Despite how the mask covers half her face, she still shows off her gorgeous features. It is no wonder she is the visual of BLACKPINK!


Lisa(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

Lisa’s photos of her in a mask were taken the same day with Jisoo, as the two were on a date. Lisa is seen in a cute multi-colored cardigan and blue jeans. Like Jisoo, she is seen wearing a white mask. Though the mask conceals half her face, her striking gaze still manages to capture people’s attention.

3. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

Jennie(Photo : Jennie Instagram)

On Jennie’s Instagram, she featured some photos of her in a mask as she spent time around Seoul during Spring. Jennie’s feline-like visuals shined despite the mask covering her face, shocking many people over just how gorgeous she is!

4. MAMAMOO’s Hwasa

Hwasa(Photo : Hwasa Instagram)

Hwasa has rocked masks in numerous Instagram posts. Though it is essential to wear a mask, Hwasa has had no problem turning it into an accessory. She often wears masks of different colors depending on the style she is rocking, and it adds some spunk to her look! Who knew being safe could look so good?

5. MAMAMOO’s Wheein

Wheein(Photo : Wheein Instagram)

Like Hwasa, Wheein also has a handful of photos of her wearing a mask on her social media accounts. Leaning into comfortable clothing, masks help Wheein look more comfy and chic. She often switches between reusable masks and disposable masks; either way, both are important during these times!

6. TWICE’s Nayeon

Nayeon(Photo : Nayeon Instagram)

Though Nayeon’s tiny face is often hidden due to the mask, her beauty is still undeniable! The idol loves accessorizing and often finds ways to make herself stand out despite the fabric covering up her features, and it totally works!

7. TWICE’s Dahyun

Dahyun(Photo : Dahyun Instagram)

Dahyun still manages to look fun and energetic despite wearing a mask. Though we can’t see her signature smile when she has a mask on, her happiness reaches all the way to her eyes. She is a ball of sunshine, with or without the mask!

8. TWICE’s Jeongyeon

Jeongyeon(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Jeongyeon’s big eyes shine even when she wears a mask. Known for her small face and large, doe-like eyes, Jeongyeon’s beauty cannot be hidden with such a small piece of fabric covering up her face. She is still a top visual with or without it!

9. TWICE’s Mina

Mina(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Mina shared a snapshot of her wearing a mask as she checked out billboard ads for her birthday! Despite the mask covering her face (and her hair in her face thanks to the wind!), Mina’s elegance manages to shine! Known for her queen vibe, TWICE’s “Black Swan” manages to look fancy despite the fabric covering her face.