This Adorable Doggo Won’t Go To Sleep Unless His Mom Tucks Him In Every Night

Published on June 20, 2021

Fusion, the Broad Collie is quite popular on the Internet for knowing more than 150 tricks. He is showing the world what a good pet is like.

One of his tricks was shared by his owner recently, so let’s discover what is it.

“We spend all day, every day together, whether it’s at work or relaxing, or playing Frisbee or doing doggy agility or learning tricks,” Trott told The Dodo.

At night, Fusion prefers to sleep in his own bed, but not before his owner tucks him in.

“Originally, my 10-year-old son insisted on tucking him in. I think Fusion liked it. Now it’s a solid part of our nightly routine,” Steffi said.


Steffi shared the video on her Facebook account, where she wrote: “Fusion’s bedtime ritual. Somehow he came up with this and waits every night to be tucked in. Now he’s 7 years old and still surprises me every day with the incredibly sweet and smart dog that he is.”

When Fusion is ready to go to sleep, he tells his mother exactly what he wants: “The other two (dogs) get on the bed, but Fusion will stand by his bed. He’ll just stand there and wait and watch me until I come to tuck him in,” Trott said.

The doggie’s nightly routine is very important to him and he refuses to sleep until his mother curls him up.

Watch the video below:

Fortunately for Fusion, his mom is always there to make sure he’s tucked in tight so he can sleep well.