This Chunky Cat Named Manggo Is Going Viral For Her Hilarious Expressions

Published on May 25, 2021

Everyone is obsessed with cats, so it’s no wonder that cats are the world’s most popular pets, outnumbering dogs by as many as three to one. However, today, the internet has brought cat obsession to a new level. Not only humans but also cats can become superstars. They are known the world over, and have thousands of adoring fans from all over the world. And the cute cat in this post is no exception to this rule.

Meet Manggo, the chubby cat who has captured the internet’s hearts for her hilarious expressions. Part of a Japanese trio (Manggo, Boss, and Coco), she currently has 307k followers on Instagram page. Although the account also features Manggo’s friends and family Boss and Coco, Manggo is definitely the one in the spotlight.

Many people worry about Manggo’s weight, but we are really glad to hear they are addressing the weight issue. So much weight can give cats all kinds of really nasty and painful diseases.

According to her Instagram page, Manggo is a “dieter” or a diet cat. The social media page also show’s the cats weight loss progress with the most recent updates saying that the critter went from 6.7kg to 6.5kg. We wish Manggo the best in her (and her owner’s) attempts!

If you want to see more her pictures, scroll down and check out for yourself!

More info: Instagram