Tom Hardy’s Flawless Explanation About Why Dogs Are the Best Is Spot On

Published on June 24, 2021

Let’s just state the obvious right now: Tom Hardy is awesome. He’s a great actor, I mean have you seen Mad Max? I want to watch it again right now just thinking about Tom Hardy. He’s also quite the philanthropist, dedicating time and energy to representing charity organizations that fιght hσmεℓεssnεss and represent disadvantaged youths.

If all of that hasn’t sold you on Tom Hardy being a pretty awesome dude, his love of dogs certainly will. In fact, Tom Hardy is notorious for his love of dogs. It appears that no matter where one might find Tom Hardy, he’s going to have a dog near by. We mean it, at home, at a cafe, on the set, even the red carpet, Tom Hardy is all about dog companions. There’s no denying it, the man even has an entire Instagram page literally dedicated to pictures of him with dogs. I’m not joking, it’s amazing and it’s called tomhardyholdingdogs.

If this isn’t the cutest…

Doggy love.

Big smiles for Tom and doggo.

Puppies and Tom Hardy = the perfect thing to look at on the Internet

OK, see I told you, he’s notorious for his love of dogs but it’s not just Instagram that’s capturing and sharing adorable memories. Tom rocks the red carpet with his dogs! See for yourself.

Tom Hardy brings his dog Woodstock to the UK premier of Legend.

September 2015


Who is luckier here, the dog or Tom Hardy?


Mutual lovin’

Heart-melting material.