Top 5 extremely effective phone stress relief apps

  1. Centered

At Centered, physical exercises and mental exercises will be scientifically combined to help users achieve equilibrium more quickly. Besides, the app provides quite detailed training instructions and users can easily monitor their mood over time. Centered can also be integrated into Apple Health and is compatible with the Apple Watch.

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  1. SleepA

In sleepA’s storage of songs, it’s not hard to find great music and sounds to relax. With a variety of music themes, Moli Studio’s app will help you relieve stress as well as improve sleep quality.

Top 5 ứng dụng xả stress trên điện thoại cực hiệu quả năm 2022

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  1. Colorfy

Colorfy gives users great relaxing moments after hours of hard work. The app is like a real coloring book that provides users with impressive drawings from which to show their coloring ability.

Top 5 ứng dụng xả stress trên điện thoại cực hiệu quả năm 2022

The publisher of this application said that Colorfy will be an effective stress relief therapy for many people by coloring on the unique images available, users will feel more comfortable and light in their minds. Colorfy provides users with a lot of plain white images of all genres such as Animals, Famous, Florals, or Mandalas. Users just need to choose crayons and paint to their liking with touches on the screen, no need to follow any pattern or rules, and thereby create colorful pictures.

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  1. Stop, Breathe & Think

Individuals have different ways of dealing with stress, and meditation is now seen as an effective way to regain positive energy. Stop, Breathe & Think is one of the most popular mobile meditation tutorial apps today.

With basic 3-step instructions (like the name of the app), you can get into meditation most effectively. The app is also responsible for analyzing the mood of users through small surveys to give the most appropriate guidance. At the same time, Stop, Breathe & Think also includes a check-in tool to help you find the right module for the moment and space you are meditating. The purpose of this tool is to connect users to their surroundings.

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  1. Headspace

Headspace is well appreciated by many people, it is likened to a perfect antidote after a busy working day. Just spending 10 minutes a day to calm down is enough to help you regain your sanity to tackle the next task. In addition, the application also provides many images to guide users on how to have a good night’s sleep, how to transform a busy working day into a stress-free day, or how to evaluate food and nutrition appropriate for your body.

Top 5 ứng dụng xả stress trên điện thoại cực hiệu quả năm 2022

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SleepA App is a mental health app with music and exercises to help you from meditating and improving sleep to reducing stress and increasing focus.

With SleepA App, you can now reduce stress, improve sleep quality and increase focus – all from the comfort of your own bedroom. This app offers a range of ASMR-like, ambient music, and calming nature sounds that help users become more mindful through daily sessions and regular practice.

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