Very few people can do it: Can you spot which cat is different?

Published on May 12, 2021

Which cat is different from the rest? Try and find the important detail!

At the same time, such things fascinate people – life is not supposed to be easy, and overcoming a challenge is what makes us feel alive. That’s why I want to share this puzzle that I think will make you struggle!

Are you one of the few who can spot it in 10 seconds?

According to the YouTube channel EG Mines, most people can’t solve this brainteaser in 10 seconds. I made it just in time, but it’s not as easy as it appears.

There are 3 cartoon cats in the image below. The challenge is to see which one is different from the rest. There’s a specific detail you need to spot in order to solve this one.

OK, you’ve got 10 seconds – which cat is different from the rest?

Did you spot it?

Most people can’t do it within 10 seconds, so if you did, congratulations!

Can you do it in under 10 seconds? Keep in mind that most people can’t, below you can see the answer!





The solution is shown below!

The correct answer is that cat C is different! Why? Well, it doesn’t have any eyebrows, but cats A and B do.

Did you spot it in under 10 seconds?