When You Are Fighting To Find A Way To Success, Criticism Is A Part Of That Journey.

Published on June 6, 2021

“If you have no critics you’ll likely have no success.”

– Malcolm X

Being successful means being living the life of you dreamt. As you know, success is not straight way, it could be gained by many years of hustles. Same time you have to face hurdles of criticism. Critics are people who criticize us and try to point out our mistakes. One who takes criticism as stepping stone, will definitely become successful.

It is quite normal, when someone doing something new or special always there is crowd to drag you down. It is super easy to find negative points from any work, because talking is easier than performing. All successful people had faced the many types of criticism on the path they have travelled.

Ignore quick hard hitting comments that are aimed at bringing you down a notch from people who are not in the ‘arena’. There are all too many of these trolls online that are quick to comment and judge. Remember, don’t waste your precious energy to defend yourself from these people. Because they may take the advantage of your weakness.

Successful people have to understand the fact that criticism is an important part of the success and they both are closely associated. Also, don’t think that all criticisms are bad, because these critics may help you to find the easier way. Always be a opportunist to take advantages. Sometimes criticism is also good because it encourages a person to become better and rise above the ladder of success in his life.