YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group Reportedly Comprising Members Aged 15-16 Years Old – the Youngest YG Female Idols to Debut

Published on May 20, 2021

YG Entertainment is set to debut a new girl group this year! And according to a Korean news outlet, the members will be 15-16 years old, making them the youngest girl group of the company. Find out more details in the article!

YG Entertainment’s New Girl Group Reportedly Composed of Members Aged 15-16 Years Old

It was previously reported that YG Entertainment is currently preparing a new girl group and is aiming to launch them in the second half of this year.

On May 20, Korean media outlet OSEN provided more information about the upcoming female act, who will be the first one to debut under YG Entertainment in five years since BLACKPINK in 2016. They will also be the third girl group of the agency, with 2NE1 being the first act.

According to the news outlet, a music industry official told them that YG’s new girl group is still in the process of member selection. The members would be among trainees who are in the mid-teens age group, most of them at 15 and 16 years old. They will form the youngest team among YG Entertainment’s girl groups.

2NE1(Photo : 2NE1 Facebook)

The average age of 2NE1 members at the time of their debut was 20, while the average age of BLACKPINK members was 19.

OSEN added that YG Entertainment’s new girl group will be composed of “elite” members that were chosen from the list of applicants from all over the world. The members are said to have undergone four to five years of training and had received the company’s highly intense training at the age of 10.

As a new girl group of YG Entertainment that will show up in five years, it is gaining hot interest from K-pop fans just with the news of their debut.

Expectations are also high on their performance in the industry as their senior girl groups 2NE1 and BLACKPINK have established themselves as among the best and most successful artists in K-pop.


And since the upcoming idol group will be YG’s first teen girl group, many are curious as to how they will capture the attention of the global fans.

Meanwhile, YG Entertainment is yet to reveal the band’s name and the number of members of their new girl group, so stay tuned for more information!

YG Entertainment Considered as Mid-Sized Business by Korea Exchange

In other news, Korea Exchange had relegated YG Entertainment, alongside SM Entertainment, from blue-chip agencies to mid-sized business.

Based on Korea Exchange’s criteria for classification, a company must reach a particular scale of business and attain certain financial requirements to be rated blue-chip.

YG Entertainment(Photo : YG Entertainment Facebook)

While YG Entertainment managed to surpass the required minimum criteria for net worth and average sales, they were demoted due to negative results in net profit and return on equity (ROE).

Over the past three years, YGE had a net loss of 1.8 billion won (approximately 1.6 million USD) an ROE of -0.5 percent.

YG Entertainment saw a decrease in business profits from 2018 to 2020. In 2018, the label recorded 17.6 billion won, while in 2019 it significantly dropped to 7.6 billion won. Last year, they had a slight improvement, reaching 7.7 billion won.